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Luxury Hotels in Naples

Naples is a city poised against the Bay of Naples, on the southern part of Italy. The active volcano Mount Vesuvius is close by, and you can see it from the city itself. Naples is a historically and culturally important city as civilization in this area can be dated back to 2nd millennium B.C. There’s a lot of ancient and medieval architecture in the city that you can explore if you’re traveling to Naples. In the following list, we’ve compiled some of the best luxury hotels in Naples so as to make your search a little easier.

# 1

The Ritz-Carlton Naples

The Ritz-Carlton is one of the most famous and expensive hotels in all of Naples. One of the special features of this particular hotel is that it has seven on-site restaurants, all of them distinct yet equally amazing. One of the favorites amongst the restaurants is the Gumbo Limbo, serving Floridian cuisine that you simply cannot miss. This luxury hotel also boasts a massive spa with over 30 treatment rooms, and a vast well-equipped fitness center. Even the service and the staff in the hotel are well beyond reproach, a class apart, even when compared to all other five star hotels. They are attentive, efficient, and incredibly friendly, but never intrusive. The rooms are suitably lavish with large 42 inch Smart TVs, and bathrooms that are made of pure marble with separate shower and bathtubs, and plenty of luxury toiletries as well. However, if there’s one complaint, some of the guests mentioned that the rooms bear thing walls, such that noise from the adjoining rooms filters through, proving to be a slight annoyance at night.

# 2

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort Naples

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort is the sister property of The Ritz-Carlton, and both of them are equally luxurious and classy. The biggest attraction of The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort is the massive 36-hole Tiburón Golf Club that it features. This hotel is a little more casual in its vibe than some of the other hotels in Naples, and it doesn’t boast a sea view as it’s located inland, however if you're in Naples for a relaxing stay at a luxury resort, or if you're simply a lover of golf, you couldn’t come to a better place. The resort also features a vast and lovely pool with an in-house spa next to it. You can do some laps or hit the gym, and then head over to the resident spa for some relaxation. The restaurant of choice in this property is Lemonía, which is known for its regional cuisine served with exotically international flavors. If you’re looking for a great view, you won’t find an ocean view, but you can find a great golf course view with its oceans of lush green grassland. The rooms are some of the most luxurious amongst all the hotels in Naples, featuring private balconies, and marble-clad bathrooms with luxurious European toiletries. The rooms also come with complimentary high speed wireless internet connection, and a 37-inch Smart TV.

# 3

Naples Grande Beach Resort

The Naples Grande Beach Resort is a luxury five star resort located in northern Naples, and it’s one of the prime family resorts in Naples for a number of reasons. For one, it’s the most amenities-heavy resort in Naples, featuring a sprawling spa, three swimming pools, golf course, and 15 tennis courts! In addition to that, the amenities they have are customized so as to appeal to children and adults alike. For example, one of the pools features a 100-foot-long waterslide that twists and turns before landing you in the pool, and the adjoining beach features pristine white sand which makes for stunning family photographs. The golf course isn’t as vast as the the Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, however at 18 holes, it’s still pretty impressive. If you’re tired of traveling and you’d like to stay indoors, you can feast at their in-house restaurant Aura, which offers delicious coastal dishes. The hotel is also located such that you can be looking at a number of different views, depending on your room. You can get a room that either has a view of the coast, the gardens, or the gulf. All rooms come with their own private balconies from which you can appreciate the view. The bathrooms are all completely made of marble, and they feature separate showers and soaking tubs so deep you can entirely immerse yourself into them. However, guests have reported mixed reviews regarding the staff, noting that some of them were rude.

# 4

Grand Hotel Vesuvio Naples

The Grand Hotel Vesuvio is the luxury hotel to go to if you’re looking to get swept off your feet in old-world grace and beauty without sacrificing any of the comforts of the modern world you’re used to. In the Grand Hotel Vesuvio, the old and the new stand side-by-side neither one impinging upon the other. The Caruso Roof Garden Restaurant is one of the best fine dining restaurants in all of Naples, boasting a stunning sweeping panoramic view of the bay from Posillipo To Capri. In fact, from the ninth floor, where the restaurant is stationed, you also get a clear unhindered view of the majestic Mount Vesuvius. This luxury hotel had been established way back in 1882, and it primarily catered to a clientele comprising the rich and the famous, the upper echelons of society comprising celebrities, politicians, and royalty. Some of that niche clientele has now withered away in the face of a more egalitarian society, however the hotel still maintains its proud heritage. However, even now the hotel plays host to a wide array of famed guests such as Woody Allen, Giorgio Armani, and Bill Murray. This hotel is also situated in an opportune location, smack right amidst the heart of Naples, and it’s within walking distance of such sites as the Royal Palace, Piazza Del Plebiscito, and even the San Carlo Theatre. If you’d like to visit the islands of Capri and Ischia, you only need to walk over to the Beverello Port, and you can reach the islands within 30 minutes.

# 5

Romeo Hotel

Romeo is widely considered to be one of the most creative and interesting luxury hotels in Naples. It has been designed in a contemporary style, very sophisticated in execution, and it’s replete with stunning antique art pieces that grace the walls of the lobbies and hallways. The Romeo hotel was established in 2008, over the structure that was erstwhile called the Palazzo Lauro. The Romeo is perhaps the finest example of a microcosm of Naples itself, in terms of art, style, and culture. The hotel can perfectly marry a modern aesthetic with an artistic leaning that is distinctly Italian. The hotel is set off against a backdrop of the Gulf of Naples, and as such the views offered by the hotel are simply stunning. The hotel offers a wide range of different suites and personalized rooms, all of them with different features, amenities, and views. As such, you’re advised to take your time going through the details of the room carefully so that you book a room most suited for your interests. For example, if you’re a nature lover, then you might like to go for the Japanese Garden Suite. Alternatively, if you want an expansive view of the bay, you might want to go for one of the 10 deluxe Bay View rooms. The conference rooms in the hotel aren’t too large, and can only accommodate as many as 200 individuals. As far as food is concerned, you can go to the Romeo Sushi Bar & Restaurant which offers a wide range of cuisines from around the world, or if you’re looking for something more traditional and local you can go to the Il Comandante.

# 6

Grand Hotel Parker's

This luxury hotel has been established over what used to be a residential 19th century villa and as such it offers a more intimate boutique hotel vibe. It’s set off against the Bay of Naples, and as such it offers a great view. But it’s also really centrally located, within walking distance of a number of art galleries, museums, and boutique shops. The hotel is unique in that it has been designed in a leisurely style, and the service and the aesthetics of the hotel encourages one to slow down and relax. That is not to say that the service is laid-back, simply that the lobbies and public areas are designed in a such a manner so as to encourage guests to loiter, thus creating more opportunities to mingle and interact.

# 7

In Kiostro Apartment Naples

In Kiostro is another apartment-type luxury hotel that gives off a more homely vibe. It’s also one of the less expensive luxury hotels in Naples. It’s located in the historical center of the city, and is within walking distance of locations such as Piazza Matteotti, Santa Chiara, and Teatro di San Carlo. The apartment building also comes with attentive multi-lingual staff always wiling to help out any way possible. They also have an in-house convenience store. As such, this hotel is ideal for tourists who’d like to stay for an extended period.

# 8

LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort A Noble House Resort

As the name suggests, this luxury hotel is located right next to a lovely beach, and as you step out onto your terrace you can be met with the taste of salt brine in your mouth and the smell of sea water wafting through the room. Even when you go down to the beach, the hotel offers a beach butler service as well so that you don’t have to move a muscle if you don't want to. If you’re into golf, you’re in luck because the five star resort also features an 18 hole golf course. In addition to this, every room in the resort comes with a private balcony with a view of the sea.

# 9

Edgewater Beach Hotel

The Edgewater is a four star luxury hotel that has always maintained a sterling reputation for being one of the best hotels in Naples, however in recent times that reputation is slowly losing ground. To be fair, the hotel is ideally placed against the Gulf of Mexico coastline, and it comes replete with all luxurious amenities such as private balconies, kitchenettes, and large TVs in rooms. However, recent guests have lodged serious complaints of construction noise in the property owing to their attempts at revamping the design. Based on prior reputation this is a great hotel, and we’ll see how the renovations turn out, but if you’re going for this hotel make sure that they don’t have any ongoing construction on-site.

# 10

Hilton Naples

The Hilton is a smart, efficient five star luxury hotel ideally suited for business travelers. This is because it’s located in the prime business district of the city. The hotel comes with all the amenities of a luxury hotel such as swimming pools and great restaurants, however it’s still not ideally suited for families because of the abundance of conference halls and meeting rooms which makes it a prime location for business events. This makes the hotel feel slightly more rigid and formal in vibe, not particularly suited for just letting your hair down and relaxing.

# 11

Palazzo Caracciolo Napoli - MGallery by Sofitel

This luxury boutique hotel is located in the historic heart of Naples. This hotel achieves its importance primarily through historical significance, having been home to the aristocratic family of the Caracciolo’s, and then later having been occupied by the King of Naples, Joachim Murat. The hotel is replete with all the amenities one can expect from a luxury hotel such as a restaurant, lounge bar, pool, spa, etc.

# 12

Inn at Pelican Bay

Inn at Pelican Bay is the ultimate boutique resort in Naples. The hotel feels quite intimate because of 100 close-lying guest rooms, and a lavish common area where guests are encouraged to loiter and mingle. The hotel is located a bit inland, however they arrange for complementary shuttle service everyday to take guests to the Vanderbilt Beach. If you’d like to stay in the hotel itself, you can hang at the outdoor pool. Unfortunately, they don't have an on-site restaurant, however the guests are served complimentary breakfasts every morning. The immediate vicinity of the hotel is replete with boutique shops and charming cafes lining the streets. You can also rent a bike with which to easily get around the town on your own.

# 13

Bellasera Hotel

The most promising thing about this luxury hotel is the attentive and friendly service. Guests of the hotel often heap praises upon how the staff went out of their way to help them out, and how they were allowed to rent bicycles for no additional costs. The hotel also comes equipped with jacuzzis, and the rooms have their own kitchenettes and TVs, as such this hotel is also quite ideal for people who would like an extended vacation in Naples. If you’d like to eat in, Zizi Naples Kitchen is a popular Mediterranean restaurant that won’t disappoint.

# 14

Naples Bay Resort

The Naples Bay Resort is a five star luxury resort with some truly amazing amenities such as a spa, and a pool that is 5000 square feet in area. If you’d like to eat in the hotel itself you can choose amongst four different restaurants, all of them equally stunning and delicious. The rooms are all tuscan-inspired, and they feature their private balconies, some of which feature a sweeping view of the Naples Bay Marina. The suites are designed like apartments with a separate living room, bedroom, sleek bathrooms, kitchenettes, and private balconies.

# 15

Inn on Fifth

As the name suggests, this boutique hotel is located in downtown Naples, on the Fifth. In the immediate vicinity you’ll find a number of classy restaurants and charming cafes lining the streets outside. All three rooms in the hotel feature balconies designed in a French aesthetic, and all the bathrooms feature Italian marble installations, giving the hotel and the rooms a breezy and sleek appearance. The hotel has two in-house restaurants — Ocean Prime and Truluck's Seafood, Steak and Crabhouse — both of which offer contrasting cuisines so that you can alternate your dishes if you're staying for an extended period. The only complaint that guests of the hotel have lodged is the fact that housekeeping diligence is often lacking.

Naples Boutique Luxury Hotel Map

The best high end, unique, cool and small luxury hotels displayed on our map below.

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