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Luxury Hotels in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a popular and thriving city known across the world for its heady excesses. It’s the capital city of the Netherlands, and is popular for its artistic and cultural heritage dating back to its “Golden Age” circa 17th century. Amsterdam attracts mostly two kinds of tourists — young backpackers looking for a lively and liberated city to party at, and Art and Culture enthusiasts drawn to the Museum District housing works by renowned artists like Van Gogh, Vermeer, Rembrandt, and other luminaries. If you’re traveling to Amsterdam, you should make sure that you’re staying in a luxury five star hotel that is well suited to cater to your particular needs. We’ve listed out and described the top 10 luxury hotels in Amsterdam so that you can make an intelligent decision.

# 1

Hotel Okura Amsterdam

The Okura is a boutique luxury hotel which was initially made in 1971 as a hotel and a Barometer rolled into one. If you spot green light on top of the tower, it’s a fair indication of oncoming bad weather, and if you see blue lights, it’s indicative of clear sunny skies. It’s located in the De Pijp neighborhood, which is quite a hip and trendy location on the up and coming. It’s located close to the business district, as well as the Amsterdam World Trade Centre. However, it’s a fifteen minute taxi ride to Central Station, and as such it’s not the most ideally situated hotel. As far as the interiors are concerned, the hotel features a lobby with a strong beige and brown color palette. The hotel also features two Michelin-starred restaurants — Ciel Bleu is a two Michelin-starred restaurant on the top floor, whereas the Yamazato is a one Michelin-starred restaurant on the ground floor. Whereas the hotel itself is utterly elegant and classy, the nearby Albert Cuvo market features all the populist destinations and attractions of the city, so you can truly inhabit the best of both worlds. The hotel is 23 storey tall, which is quite high by Amsterdam standards, and as such is one of the few places where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

# 2

Conservatorium Hotel

The greatest draw of the Conservatorium Hotel is its prime location at Museum Square. It is within walking distance of most of the prime museums and attractions such as Vondelpark, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Rijksmuseum. However, if you’re looking for more contemporary attractions, this boutique hotel is also flanked by Cartier, Gucci and Armani on the other side. The main canals of the city are just a few minutes away, you can walk over to them. As such the location of the hotel is simply perfect. The exteriors of this boutique hotel are rooted in 19th century classicism, however the insides have been renovated to modernist fare with a glass-enclosed atrium, walk-in closets in rooms, rain-showers, pendant lights, and other similarly contemporary designs. The suites of the hotel offer a stunning vista of the city at large, and feature stylish and grand windows with wooden beams. They also have a grand and spacious lobby lounge, which is one of the best places in the city for a drink or a coffee. The concierge service in the hotel is also great, and you can easily navigate this labyrinthine historical city with their guide. The hotel also bears a very interesting history, as the structure on which it’s built used to be a Bank in the 19th century, but was then transformed into a Sweelinck music conservatory.

# 3

InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam

Couched on the banks of the Amstel river, the InterContinental is a luxury five star hotel with a striking aesthetic sense and an even more impressive view of the city. It was established in 1867, and ever since then it has developed a pristine reputation for being just the right blend of regality and snug comfort. The lobby of the hotel is immensely impressive with high-vaulted ceilings, a grand staircase, and shimmering chandeliers that can often be heard tinkling ever so gently in the background.

# 4

Sofitel Legend the Grand Amsterdam

This luxury five star hotel is centrally located and within the neighborhood of the most popular shopping center in the city. The property is also rich in history, as it used to be a convent in the 15th century. The hotel takes care to maintain that sense of heritage with stained glass windows, still preserved since the 15th century, and intricately carved wooden door frames. However, despite the proud heritage of the hotel which is makes sure to leave intact, it has also been renovated in a more contemporary style with modern artworks lining up the walls and rooms equipped with Nespresso machines, and spacious bathrooms with walk-in rain showers.

# 5

Pulitzer Amsterdam

The Pulitzer is a luxury boutique hotel which is actually a combination of 25 different buildings on a city block, some of them dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries. You have to weave your way past the various building blocks by means of boats taking you through the canals of Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht. The entire structure is very labyrinthine with passages, stairways, tunnels, and vast open spaces. Considering the fact that its buildings are remnants from the 16th and 17th centuries, you get the sense that you’re breathing in the delightfully musky smell of History itself. However, it also bears a distinctly contemporary mark, with an abundance of modern art pieces gracing the walls. The architecture of the hotel features mostly clean lines and geometric shapes, in a contemporary leaning, and there are various designer touches that reference Amsterdam and its vibrant past. The rooms are all distinct and unique, and they all come with their own little stories. The hotel is just walking distance from one of the city’s most revered attractions, the Anne Frank House, which is a memorial to the devastation of the Holocaust, in remembrance of the girl in the attic who documented her days and nights in hiding. In addition to that, the hotel is just a couple minutes from the Royal Palace on the Dam, and is smack right in the middle of the shopping district of Negen Straatjes.

# 6

Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht - A Hyatt Hotel

This is a five star boutique hotel that boasts a truly unique experience of the city. It’s situated in the midst of the historic center of the city with a ring of canals around it. The hotel is a good and balanced mix of the old and the new, the classic and the modern. The common areas like the lobby are generally more self-indulgent with classical details such as the presence of bell-shaped structures and large crystal chandeliers hanging off of low ceilings. However, the rooms and suites are more contemporary and modern in their aesthetic leaning with wingback chairs and Lucite headboards. The hotel has primarily been conceptualized and executed by Marcel Wanders, a renowned Dutch designer, and as such the hotel has a clear sense of personality. Located on the Prinsengracht canal, it’s within walking distance of attractions such as the Anne Frank House.

# 7

Hotel De L'europe Amsterdam

One of the things that makes this luxury hotel so attractive is its whole levy of on-site amenities. The hotel features a Michelin-starred restaurant named Bord’Eau, a charming canal-front cafe, and it even features private wine cellars. It’s located next to the Amstel River, and as such is accessible to the great delights of the city. Just a short walk will bring you to the flowers market, and you’re about a 10 minutes walk from Museumplein. The shopping area is just a few minutes away as well. This luxury hotel is one of the oldest in the cities, having been established in 1896. However, it is constantly renovated to keep it looking modern. The entire hotel makes use of strong and bold color palettes to really strike out at you. The rooms are all sprawling in size, with a lot of icy blues, mustard yellows, and strong geometric lines. To give the rooms and suites a personal touch, they’re all furnished with one original Dutch Master painting, which the hotel acquired in partnership with the Rijksmuseum, which is also quite close by. As for the modern amenities, all the rooms are furnished with iPads, docking stations, and even Nespresso machines. During the afternoons, you can have tea in the Promenade, or you can get a drink and mingle with other guests at Freddy’s Bar, or you can simply grab a bite at the waterside terrace!

# 8

The Dylan

The Dylan is yet another fashionable and well-reputed luxury hotel. It’s situated in the central canal belt of the city, and as such it’s within walking distance of some of the great attractions of the city such as the Nine Little Streets shopping center, in addition to several different museums all within walking distance. The hotel is particularly notable for its rich and varied historical and cultural heritage. The site used to feature a theater in the 16th century, however that burned down and was replaced as a headquarters for the Roman Catholic Church in 1772, after which it became a luxury five star hotel in 1999. If you want to explore the city, the hotel also offers bicycles on which you can ride around the city.

# 9

Art'Otel Amsterdam

If you fashion yourself a trendsetter or a true connoisseur of art and culture, then this is definitely the luxury boutique hotel you’ve been looking for. The hotel features 107 sleek and classy rooms, and every facet of the hotel breathes in the contemporary standards of the Atelier Van Lieshout contemporary art collective. One of the prime attractions of the hotel is an art curtain, and the hotel also features an in-house art gallery which is an Amsterdam attraction all on its own. The hotel is frequented by trendy and artistic clientele and thus also acts as a great place to network and find inspiration at.

# 10

Grand Hotel Amrath Amsterdam

Even though the Grand Hotel Amrath is new, having been established only 5 years ago, the building in which it is housed was created way back in 1916 and was originally called Scheepvaarthuis. It was a first of its kind for being foremost amongst the Amsterdam School of architecture. The hotel features an Art Deco facade, which makes sense considering the time period when it was established, and the hotel is replete with maritime motifs in reverence of its history of having been the place from which Dutch ships sailed for East Indies back in 1595. As such, the hotel breathes a lot of personal and public history and is thus of deep interest to its high-brow clientele. The Art Deco facade of the trendy hotel looks over the Waalseilandsgracht canal. The hotel is located along the canal, and that gives you a great view as well. The interiors of the hotel are striking, with lovely stained-glass works, and the fact that every part of the hotel feels like a new world unto itself! The hotel also boasts amenities such as a pool, spa, a gym, etc. Their restaurant is called The Seven Seas and it serves traditional dutch meals. If you’d like some coffee or drinks, you can hang by their lounge. The one complaint that guests had with the hotel is that it’s quite far from some of the big attractions of the city.

# 11

Ambassade Hotel

The best thing about this boutique hotel is that its on a relatively peaceful stretch of the canal, and you can reach prime attractions such as Rijksmuseum within 10 minutes by feet. As such, you are well connected to the main city, while still being slightly removed from it. This charming hotel is a series of eight different houses which are stretched along the Herengracht, and they’re all connected with passageways and intricate corridors and stairways. As such, it can be quite exciting to just explore the hotel itself. The rooms are all done up in an antique-style, with the presence of bright ornate fabric and artworks. It’s well respected amongst the arts community, and is often used as a retreat by authors and publishers.

# 12

Hotel Seven one Seven

The greatest attraction of this luxury boutique hotel is the fact that it’s located on a canal side and is smack right in the midst of the city. This hotel is the very embodiment of what it means to live within a canal house. The rooms are all grand, sprawling in size, with period decorations. The executive suites are perfect if you want a clear view of the Prinsengracht canal, whereas the rooms in the rare are all cosy and charming and enjoy a view of the garden.

# 13

The Toren

This luxury hotel is located near the Negen Straatjes shopping area, and you can easily walk over to the Dam and Royal Palace. If you love charming little boutique cafes and shopping outlets, then you’ll love the neighboring area of Jordaan, which is one of the more charming and hip parts of the city. The Toren is designed in a manner so as to have you immerse into another world altogether. It’s designed over a few canal houses, and all the rooms and common areas feature dim lighting, dark furniture, rich and dark color palettes, etc, so as to create a very mysterious and brooding effect.

# 14

The Hoxton Amsterdam

The Hoxton Amsterdam is mostly known for its great location, equidistant from all the top tourist spots of the city. The Central Station is just 20 minutes away by foot, and the hotel is on Herengracht, which is one of the prime neighborhoods in the city, with all the top attractions close by. You can visit sites like the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum on foot itself. There are 111 rooms overall, and they’ve been designed in five different styles, categorized as ‘Shoebox’, ‘Roomy’, etc. However, they are all quite large in size, with dark wood-paneled walls, and the use of strong colors all around.

# 15

Hotel Estherea

This boutique hotel is located in the ‘Nine Little Streets’, which is a charming neighborhood in the very center of Amsterdam. The hotel has, as its close neighbors, several boutique roadside cafes, lounges, and shopping outlets. The walls are decked in lovely fabric bearing ornate designs and inscriptions. The entire hotel has 90 rooms, all of which bear their own unique styles, while some have been done up in bright blues, other have been done up in earthy browns, and many other similarly stunning color palettes and designs. The rooms aren’t very spacious, however they’re quite cosy and comfortable.

Amsterdam Boutique Luxury Hotel Map

The best high end, unique, cool and small luxury hotels displayed on our map below.

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