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Luxury Hotels in Chiayi City

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Chiayi Maison de Chine Hotel

8.4 "Excellent"

No. 257, Wenhua Road

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Holiday Inn Express Chiayi, an IHG Hotel

9 "Superb"

No. 69, Zhongxing Rd., West District

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Lan Kwai Fong Garden Hotel

8.6 "Excellent"

No. 250, Yenping Street

Hsin Hotel

8.9 "Excellent"

No. 69, Baoshun Road

Nice Prince Hotel

8.4 "Excellent"

No. 600, Zhongxiao Road

Mega Hotel

8.7 "Excellent"

No. 560 , Renai Road

Sun Dialogue Hotel-By Cosmos Creation

8.5 "Excellent"

No. 888, Section 1, Daya Road

Hotel Liyaou

8 "Excellent"

No. 100, Yonghe Street

Hotel Day Plus Teascape

8.2 "Excellent"

No. 516, Zhongxiao Road

Tsun Huang Hotel

7.9 "Good"

No. 250, Dahua Road

ML Hotel

8.4 "Excellent"

No. 389, Guangcai Street

Orient Luxury Hotel

8.5 "Excellent"

No. 232, Siwei Road, West District

Royal Chiayi Hotel

8.4 "Excellent"

No. 468, Ziyou Road

Yuh Tong Hotel

8.5 "Excellent"

No. 7, Weixin Road

Chiayi Guanzhi Hotel

8.2 "Excellent"

No. 467, Zhongxing Road

Wan Tai Hotel

7.8 "Good"

No. 46, Xinrong Road

HOTEL HI - Xinmin

8 "Excellent"

No. 784-1, Xinmin Road

Orange Hotel - Wenhua, Chiayi

8.4 "Excellent"

No. 169, Wenhua Road

Look Royal Resort

7.9 "Good"

No. 501, Yushan Road


9.5 "Superb"

No.44-13, Lucuo

HOTEL HI- Chui-Yang

7.8 "Good"

No. 860, Chuiyang Road

Guanko Hotel

8.1 "Excellent"

No. 27, Zhongshun 1st Street

Chiayi Look Hotel

7.9 "Good"

No. 155, Linsen West Road

Sunrise Hotel

8.3 "Excellent"

2F, No. 347, Renai Road

Yoyo Hotel

7.5 "Good"

11F, No. 617, Zhongshan Road

South Urban Hotel

8.5 "Excellent"

No. 65, Gongming Road

Ever Delightful Business Hotel

7.9 "Good"

No. 369, Xingye West Road

Travel Art Inn

8.4 "Excellent"

No. 345, Renai Road

de rěve Express Hotel

7.7 "Good"

No. 361 , Renai Road

Sunseed International Villa Hotel

7.7 "Good"

No. 50, Dahua Road

Shianghu Boutique Hotel

7 "Good"

No. 559, Youzhong Road

Green Hotel - Chiayi

8.4 "Excellent"

No.175, Minsheng North Road

Lantan Fanyue Inn

9 "Superb"

5F, No.82, Tanding Road

Chiayi King Hotel

8.2 "Excellent"

No. 234, Sinrong Road

Esun Villa Hotel

7 "Good"

No. 65, Yushan Road

瑜家 Yoga Home

10 "Superb"

No. 5-19, Qitouzai

Country Garden Hotel

7.9 "Good"

No. 678, Guangcai Street, West District

Her Home Spa Motel Chiayi

7.4 "Good"

No. 25, Zhuwei 4th Rood

All-Ur Boutique Motel -Chia Yi Branch

7.9 "Good"

No. 185, Szu-Wei Road

Lane 82 Hostel

9.8 "Superb"

No. 21, Lane 297, Wenhua Road

A-Li A-Li Homestay

8.6 "Excellent"

No. 14-3, Xiding

Back Home Hotel

6.9 "Excellent"

No. 123, Xingye West Road

Royal Garden Motel - Chiayi Branch

7.1 "Good"

No. 718, Section 1, Shixian Road

Unic Hotel

6.4 "Ideal"

No.40, Bade Road

Boston Plus Hotel

7.4 "Good"

No. 708, Zhongzheng Road, West District

Ivy Motel

8.1 "Excellent"

No. 313, Siwei Road

Come Chiayi House

7.6 "Good"

No. 507, Zhongshan Road

Shun-yi Business Hotel

7 "Good"

10F, No. 617, Zhongshan Road

Chiayi Crown Hotel

6.9 "Good"

No. 238-2, Ximen Street

Boston Hotel

6.4 "Ideal"

No. 673, Zhongzheng Road

Gene Long Haiy Att Hotel

6.2 "Ideal"

No. 130, Minsheng North Road

Jungle City Motel

7.3 "Good"

No. 269, Siwei Road

Lanzhou 4th St

7.8 "Good"

No.86, Lanzhou 4th St

Yes Hotel

6.6 "Ideal"

No. 730, Zhongzhen Road

Ron Gong Hotel

6.2 "Ideal"

No. 77, Ximen Street


8.4 "Excellent"

No. 99, Gaotie Blvd.,

LI-GIN Motel

8.1 "Excellent"

No.137, Jianan Street

Park Motel

7.7 "Good"

No.790, Sec. 1, Daya Rd., East Dist.

Prince Hotel

6.9 "Good"

No. 101, Ximen Street

Spring12 House

9.8 "Superb"

No. 12, Lane 366, Zhongshan Road

Jia Xin Hotel

7.8 "Good"

No. 685, Zhongzheng Road

Oinn Hotel & Hostel Chiayi

8.5 "Excellent"

No. 294, Wenhua Road

Shui Nong motel

8.7 "Excellent"

No. 76, Daren Street

Xu Xu Homestay

9 "Superb"

No. 321, Zhumin Rd

Chia Kon Hotel

8.7 "Excellent"

No. 187, Xinrong Road, West District

Flower Motel

6.2 "Ideal"

No. 95, Xinmin Road

Chiayi Petite Hostel

9.1 "Superb"

No. 460, Linsen West. Road

Meant to Be

8.6 "Excellent"

No. 167, Lanjing Street, East District

Yongxing Inn

5.3 "Ideal"

No. 710, Zhongzheng Road

安蘭居旅店 An Lan Jie Hotel

8.2 "Excellent"

14F-1,No. 465, Lanjing Street

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