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Our mission is simple.

Part of the Airfares Flights Pty Ltd network of sites. We aim to provide you with the best hotels and resorts around the world at the best available price. Our hotel information includes ratings, reviews, filters and other features to help you make the right selection.

We aim to have you make the right decision for your next hotel booking by listing the most relevant information on our website. We compare prices from leading travel brands in a fast, simple and easy to use interface. In addition, our travel guides review the best hotels available in leading cities such as London, Paris, New York and many more.

Top Reasons to book with Luxury Hotels Guides

  1. Over 1 million accommodation options ranging from motels, B&Bs and hostels to luxury resorts, boutique hotels and .self contained villas.
  2. The Lowest Rates Available from dozens of leading online booking partners.
  3. Expert Independent guides on major destinations worldwide.
  4. Industry leading service and support.
  5. Book online -quickly and easily.
  6. Secure booking and payment options from our partners.
  7. The lowest available rates with our Best Price Guarantee.

A wide choice of accommodation options.

From chalets, ryokans, villas, to apartments, resorts and five staer hotels. If you are searching for a cheap beach resort or a deluxe five star hotel - our site is a guide to the best places to stay. We list over a million properties around the world to help you find the best accommodation options today.

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